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Welcome to Alternate Reality website. We are a progression guild. We are working on ICC 10/25 m . At the moment, as a guild we are 10/12 on 10M ICC with us trying to to get Lich King this Monday. When we are not raiding we are having fun and help everyone out on professions, getting geared, mounts, and stuff like that. Our policy for raids is always MS>OS and we would like to have a really low geared guildie then a PUG that might ninja log on us as we go after in. If you see Reavous, Chaos, Sixtynine, or Blckmagic in game don't be afraid to ask us or other guildies questions about the guild. The more people we have the more raids we can put together and knock out. Lets go kill Lich King and get ready for Cata.

For all our guildies to make the site better please add pic, blogs,  and stuff like that . It makes the site look much better then what i can do by myself.  Thanks in advances guildies.

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BlckmagicSVL, Sep 8, 10 7:43 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Death Knight
Blood (500)
Frost (500)
Unholy (500)
Balance (500)
Feral (500)
Restoration (500)
Beast Masters (500)
Marksmanship (500)
Survivalists (500)
Arcane (500)
Fire (500)
Frost (500)
Holy (500)
Protection (500)
Retribution (500)
Discipline (500)
Holy (500)
Shadow (500)
Assassination (500)
Combat (500)
Subtlety (500)
Elemental (500)
Enhancement (500)
Restoration (500)
Affliction (500)
Demonology (500)
Destruction (500)
Arms (500)
Fury (500)
Protection (500)
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